Petición en Avaaz para reducir el tiempo de espera entre trenes del Metro de Lima

Por favor, apoyemos esta petición a la Autoridad Autónoma del Tren Eléctrico de Lima para reducir el tiempo de espera entre trenes de 6 a 4 minutos en hora punta.

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Todos los días miles de personas usamos el tren para ir a trabajar o estudiar ya que es rápido, seguro y confiable. Sin embargo, hay demasiados pasajeros en horas punta. Así, mucha gente tiene que esperar al próximo tren o, lo que es peor, llega a ocasionar discusiones y peleas entre los que sí lograron subir al tren.

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El tramo 2 del Metro de Lima comenzará a operar en Junio

El tramo 2 del Metro de Lima comenzará a operar en Junio

La operación del tramo 2 -12,4 km de longitud- de la línea 1 del Metro de Lima comenzará en junio, cuatro meses antes de lo previsto, pese a los desafíos de ingeniería que demandó el tramo que pasa sobre el río Rímac.

Sin duda una muy buena noticia, pero mi preocupación por ahora es:

¿Para cuándo desbloquearán por completo las pistas de la Av. Próceres de la Independencia en San Juan de Lurigancho?

Hasta ahora han abierto casi toda la avenida, excepto a la altura de las estaciones, donde sigue bloqueado el acceso. En la práctica, esto es lo mismo que nada.

Si al menos las pistas estuvieran desbloqueadas por completo, aliviaría en algo el intenso caos vehicular que miles de personas vivimos cada noche al regresar a casa de nuestros trabajos.

Espero que todas las pruebas vayan bien y en Junio podamos tener finalmente el tren habilitado.

How did supercomputer Watson beat Jeopardy champion Ken Jennings? Experts discuss.

Originalmente publicado en TED Blog:

Ken Jennings (left) faces off against supercomputer Watson (center) and his fellow Jeopardy champion, Brad Rutter (right).

Ken Jennings (left) faces off against supercomputer Watson (center) and his fellow Jeopardy champion, Brad Rutter (right).

Perhaps you know Ken Jennings by name, perhaps you simply know him as “that guy with the winning streak on Jeopardy.”  In 2004, this trivia enthusiast won an incredible 74 consecutive times on Jeopardy, setting the record as the classic game show’s most winning contestant and securing the Guinness World Record at the time for “most cash won on a game show.”

[ted_talkteaser id=1708]In today’s talk, he shares how he became obsessed with trivia as a young child.

“I remember being able to play Trivial Pursuit against my parents and hold my own,” says Jennings in this talk, given at TEDxSeattleU. “There’s a weird sense of mastery you get when you know some …. Beattles factoid that dad didn’t know. You think, ‘Aha. Knowledge really is power.’”

In 2011…

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How to Schedule a PowerShell Script

Originalmente publicado en VM.Blog.:


How to Schedule a PowerShell Script

..assuming that you are running PowerShell 2.0..

1. Get your script ready

Surprising as it might sound, your script might actually not be ready to run in a scheduled task as is. This happens if it uses cmdlets from a particular PowerShell module or snapin, and it worked for you interactively because you used a specialized shell (e.g. Exchange Management Shell) or a tool like PowerGUI Script Editor which loads the modules for you.

If you indeed are using using any non-default cmdlets, simply add Add-PSSnapin or Import-Module to the beginning of the script. For example:


2. Schedule the task

To schedule a task simply start Windows Task Scheduler and schedule powershell.exe executable passing the script execution command as a parameter. The -Fileparameter is the default one so simply specifying the script path as the argument would work in a…

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Google Announces Open Automotive Alliance To Drive Android Into Connected Cars

Originalmente publicado en TechCrunch:

Google is hoping to do it again with Android — and cars. The 2007 Open Handset Alliance helped drive Google’s mobile OS from new-kid-on-the-block to dominant force in smartphones. Today, the company has announced the Open Automotive Alliance (OAA) to attempt the same trick but for cars — persuading a small coterie of car makers and others to join it as founder members of the OAA.

As well as Mountain View itself, Audi, GM, Honda, Hyundai and NVIDIA have put their names to the OAA, which is described as “a global alliance of technology and auto industry leaders committed to bringing the Android platform to cars starting in 2014″. The OAA will be focused on establishing a common platform for Android integration with connected cars.

Google notes:

We’re working with our partners to enable better integration between cars and Android devices in order to create a safer, car optimized experience…

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Bigcolors Lets Investors Trade Options In Early-Stage Startups

Originalmente publicado en TechCrunch:

Hong Kong is a global financial center with a small but growing startup industry. Unfortunately, founders often have a hard time getting the attention of investors, who prefer to invest in equities or real estate. A site called Bigcolors, which launched at the beginning of December, wants to help connect angel investors and startups by offering a crowdfunding platform with a twist. If a startup meets its goal before its eight-week funding period is up, investors can then trade shares in the company even before it officially launches, which lets them enjoy more liquidity. Bigcolors recently expanded to Singapore and plans to roll out in more Asian countries before heading to other emerging markets around the world.

Bigcolors CEO James Giancotti was an early investor in Makible, the Hong Kong-based 3D printer maker, as well as Taxiwise and Perceptar. Before co-founding Bigcolors, Giancotti worked as an…

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