Lawrence Lessig explores a run for president, around one powerful idea

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Lawrence Lessig may be running for President of the United States. But he isn’t looking to big donors to fund his exploratory campaign.

Rather than do the usual candidate song and dance of courting wealthy donors and corporations, Lessig is using the Kickstarter method for his campaign. He’s collecting small donations from individuals through his website, If he raises $1 million by Labor Day, he’ll run. If he doesn’t, he won’t (and will return the contributions).

This fundraising method is key, as he’s focusing on one issue: campaign finance reform. It’s the idea he spoke passionately about in his TED Talk, “We the People, and the Republic we must reclaim”: Because the American electoral system requires candidates to raise a huge amounts of money — from a slim percentage of citizens — politicians are beholden to donors, and not to the people. This representative democracy is intrinsically…

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Cómo mostrar la pantalla de tu Android en tu ordenador

Aprendiz de todo, maestro de nada

Imagen de Samsung Galaxy Ace 2

A menudo ocurre que necesitas utilizar la potencia de tu dispositivo Android en una pantalla más grande, pero no dispones del cable oportuno, o tu dispositivo no tiene ese tipo de salida o no son compatibles con tu pantalla grande.

Si tu ordenador ya lo tienes conectado a una pantalla grande (por HDMI, VGA o similar) lo tienes resuelto, sólo tienes que mostrar el contenido de tu Android en la pantalla de tu ordenador y todo correcto.

En mi ejemplo voy a conectar un Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 (GT-I8160) con Android 2.3.6 (GingerBread) a un portátil HP Compaq nx7300 con Windows 7 Profesional por medio del cable USB que viene incorporado en el smartphone y lo más importante: sin tocar el dispositivo ni rootearlo (que a muchos les da miedo alterar las condiciones originales del terminal).

Para ello, vamos a utilizar la aplicación Droid@Screen (DroidAtScreen) de @jens_riboe.

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Kim K’s photo remake breaks Internet, Amber Rose pic forgotten forever


Kim Kardashian is “breaking” the Internet with a remake of a provocative 1976 photo of Carolina Beaumont. Both the original photograph and the Kardashian remake were shot by famous French photog Jean-Paul Goude.

We can picture Kanye shouting something like, “She is the most beautiful woman of all time to ever live! Ever!” But it’s not the first time Kanye has yelled those words during a remake of a Goude photo.

Four years ago, back in the days of KanyAmber, Kanye started a blog In honor of its launch, he posted a photo of then-girlfriend Amber Rose paying homage to a an iconic Goude photo of Grace Jones. Is this a rite of passage for getting with Kanye?

The difference is that Rose’s photo — shot by some dude who’s not French — was entirely unmemorable, while Kim’s remake is killing it.

So does Kanye have a fetish…

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Court rules that warrants are required for searches of cell phone location history, setting up SCOTUS fight


In a decision that could have broad implications for law enforcement searches in the digital age, a federal appeals court ruled Wednesday afternoon that officials must get a search warrant to review someone’s historical cell phone location data.

The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, in Virginia, overturned a previous ruling that investigators only needed a court order (and its lower standard of evidence) to use cell phone location data. Today’s ruling conflicts with decisions by other appeals courts, and will likely lead to a Supreme Court case on the issue.

“We conclude that the government’s warrantless procurement of the [cell phone location data] was an unreasonable search in violation of Appellants’ Fourth Amendment rights,” Judge Andre Davis wrote in the decision. “Even as technology evolves, protections against government intrusion should remain consistent with those privacy expectations society deems reasonable.”

The government’s argument was that by using a cell phone, you’re letting the phone company know where you are and therefore you’ve given…

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Las Verdaderas Fiestas Patrias del Perú

Android – Access Cell Phone details (Cell-Id, LAC, Signal Strength)

Show me the code! - By Davanum Srinivas

Here is the screen shot


Next Step(s)!

Need to figure out how to use cell-id/lac information to get a lat/long for the phone location! Please drop me a note or add comments here if you have an idea on how to do it. Thanks.


 package org.apache; import; import android.os.Bundle; import android.os.Handler; import android.os.Message; import android.telephony.PhoneStateIntentReceiver; import android.telephony.ServiceState; import android.util.Log; import android.widget.EditText; public class LocateMe extends Activity { private PhoneStateIntentReceiver mPhoneStateReceiver; private EditText mEditLac; private EditText mEditCid; private EditText mEditSignal; private static final int MY_NOTIFICATION_ID = 0x100; @Override public void onCreate(Bundle icicle) { super.onCreate(icicle); setContentView(R.layout.main); mPhoneStateReceiver = new PhoneStateIntentReceiver(this, new ServiceStateHandler()); mPhoneStateReceiver.notifyServiceState(MY_NOTIFICATION_ID); mPhoneStateReceiver.notifyPhoneCallState(MY_NOTIFICATION_ID); mPhoneStateReceiver.notifySignalStrength(MY_NOTIFICATION_ID); mPhoneStateReceiver.registerIntent(); mEditLac = (EditText) findViewById(; mEditCid = (EditText) findViewById(; mEditSignal = (EditText) findViewById(; } private class ServiceStateHandler extends Handler { public void handleMessage(Message msg) { Log.i("LocateMe", "In handleMessage : " + msg.what); switch (msg.what) { case MY_NOTIFICATION_ID: ServiceState state = mPhoneStateReceiver.getServiceState(); int cid = state.getCid()…

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How did Nick Hanauer get onto TED’s home page?!

TED Blog

Nick Hanauer and TED Curator Chris Anderson are both "really bad at holding grudges." Here, the two talk before an in-office event. Photo: Ryan Lash Nick Hanauer and I are both really bad at holding grudges. Here, we talk before an in-office event last week. Photo: Ryan Lash

There’s a bit of a back story behind today’s TED Talk, in which Nick Hanauer issues a powerful warning to his fellow zillionaire ‘plutocrats’ that it’s time to take the inequality issue seriously, and makes the case to dramatically raise the minimum wage. Some of you may remember that two years ago there was an online spat between Nick and TED over a prior talk of his, also about inequality. We liked the talk, and agreed with its sentiments, but saw a few key problems with it that kept us from posting it on our home page (though we did post it on YouTube.) We were accused of censoring him, and the row generated an extraordinary level of heat.

Roll the clock forward two years, and worries about growing economic inequality have only increased. Nick has become…

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