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ASP.Net web site on BlackBerry browser

I’ve tested an ASP.Net website on a BlackBerry 8520 and 8900 and it didn’t work.

Specifically, ASP.Net hyperlinks like this:


I think it’s because of BlackBerry Javascript/AJAX support.

So, searching for info I arrived to this page:


Finally, I got a solution.

  • On the BlackBerry device, open the BlackBerry Browser.
  • Click the trackwheel, and select Options.
  • Select Browser Configuration.
  • Make sure that the settings Support Javascript, Support HTML Tables, and Support Style Sheets are turned on. Optionally, you can also turn on the settings Use Foreground and Background Colors, and Background Colors.
  • On browser typpe, choose Firefox.
  • Save these changes.
  • Try again. It should work now.
Well, not everything works. Those links work, but one of them opens a page containing an iframe. It starts loading, but finally gets back to the same page. It seems this is not fully supported by BlackBerry devices.
PD: I must say it works like a charm on Sony Ericcson XPERIA Mini.