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SELECT N +1 problem

Check Ayende post on the topic: Combating the Select N + 1 Problem In NHibernate

Basically, when using an ORM like NHibernate or EntityFramework, if you have a one-to-many (master-detail) relationship, and want to list all the details per each master record, you have to make N + 1 query calls to the database, “N” being the number of master records: 1 query to get all the master records, and N queries, one per master record, to get all the details per master record.

More database query calls –> more latency time –> decreased application/database performance.

However, ORM’s have options to avoid this problem, mainly using “joins”.


Topic on StackOverflow:


Catarsa: ASP.Net MVC applications framework

Check out Catarsa website

Also, this step-by-step tutorial to create an example web-app using Catarsa framework.

But first, make sure you have it installed.

Some features:

  1. HTML 5 (IE 7+, FireFox, Chrome, Opera 11+) – IE 6.0 is not supported anymore
  2. Wiki .NET Paresr II,
  3. NHibernate 3.2
  4. jQuery 1.7
  5. StructureMap 2.6
  6. OpenXML 2.0 (MS Excel, MS Word 2007+ export/import),
  7. OOP for Razor with strong Controls support

I think iI will give it a try!

PS: Catarsa is based on C# Coding Standars by Lance Hunt

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