Where’s my flying car? Well, probably at TED at some point


TED’s presented our share of near-misses and might-never-happen tech demos — including, depending on how you count, at least 5 flying cars.

Some big ideas are just too crazy for now, but maybe not too crazy for tomorrow. Under that heading, let’s be charitable and file the flying car. Though to the rational observer the flying car is a kind of bad idea, there’s always the dream that, perhaps when collision-sensing technology works better, and driverless piloting has matured, and we’ve found a lightweight engine that sips renewable fuel (and yet while we still have urban/suburban layouts such that a flying car is even necessary) … perhaps within that sweet spot where technology meets need, the flying car will have its day.

But it probably isn’t today, nor was it any of these other days. Enjoy:

 The Skycar, 2004

Paul Moller’s Skycar, a small vertical take-off-and-landing (VTOL) plane-like car for…

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