Isa and May, by Margaret Forster (review)

Isa and May, by Margaret Forster, is a book about  a young women called Isamay, named after her two grandmothers.

Isamay is writing her dissertattion to get her MA in Women’s Studies degree. The topic of her research is the relations and influence between grandmothers, mothers and daughters, if any.

Isabel, her father’s James mother, and May, her mother’s Jean mother, have secrets from their past and Isamay is very curious about them.

Ian, Isamay’s partner, is a Scottish who doesn’t like the concept of family, and is always hiding his past. Isamay is also very curious about this, and feels entitled to know more when she gets pregnant. Ianm however, wants Isamay to do a termination.

In the end, Isamay discovers Isabel is not her father’s mother, that her real father’s mother was his grandfather secretary, who died giving birth to James, and Isabel adopted him as her own son. Also, Isamay gets to meet Ian’s mother, who is asking her son to get a DNA test to confirm his father is a recently dead rich man so he can receive the legacy and become rich.

Finally, Isamay gives birth to a baby and Ian seems to start feeling some love for it.

In my opinion, the book is too long for a short story. I mean, it talks a lot but says so little.

The Independent’s review for the same book can be found here.

Also, Margaret Forster talks with The Interview Online about this book.



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