OPINION: Doesn’t Africa have bigger priorities than going to the Moon?


Opinion from Jonathan Weltman, Volunteer Project Administrator Africa2Moon, CEO Foundation for Space Development (non-profit)

Jonathan Weltman

This is a question I have been asked many, many times since we announced this program and one that we have not, to date, properly answered on our website because, frankly, the answer is subjective.

Does Africa have more immediate concerns?

Yes, absolutely! Ebola in West Africa, Civil uprisings, religious wars, poverty, unemployment, access to basic services, it is, admittedly, a long list.

Does this mean we shouldn’t go to the moon, or attempt other scientific objectives? In my opinion, the opposite. It means that we HAVE TO try to go to the moon and attempt other bold, audacious and memorable projects. Let me tell you why.

I was spurred into writing this post after hearing a seriously bright, well qualified and well respected young man, from a very humble and typical rural African up-bringing…

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