2 Cents on Facebook Buying WhatsApp For $16b


The Thing About Large Corporations….

By Diliora Iloanusi.

They. Do Not. Like. Competition. They do not enjoy a threat to their potential monopoly or present monopoly. These days, the new way to maintain that is to offer these smaller companies significant wads of cash or shares in their company.

In a recent acquisition Facebook invested the sum of $16 billion – 4 in cash and 12 in company share – to pick up mobile messaging client, Whatsapp. Personally other than the beautiful incentive of $16 billion dollars I cannot see why they went for the deal. They were doing great, competition was none existent to the best of my knowledge. 100,000,000+ downloads on Google Play alone. Talk less of the iOS platform. So why?  I don’t know but I will say this; I don’t like it.

The first problem is the imminent eradication of good competition. Take for example, I…

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