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Overview of Article

The following article explains a method for entering passwords using masked textboxes in LightSwitch.


The data used in this example will be very basic. We’ll simply create a Customer table with ‘Customer Name’ and ‘Password’ fields.

Fig 1 Illustration of Customer table


Here are the steps required to create a our screen.

  1. Create a ‘New Data Screen’ based on the customer table. By default, a TextBox is created for the password field. Use the dropdown box to change this control from a TextBox into a Custom Control.
    Fig 2 Select ‘Custom Control’
  2. On the properties pane for the Password control, click on ‘change’ hyperlink. The following dialog now appears. Expand the System.Windows.Controls node and select PasswordBox
    Fig 3 Select PasswordBox from System.Windows.Controls
  3. We now need some code to save the contents of the PasswordBox into the password field of our Customer entity. We’ll do this…

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