ProcessMaker Triggers: Timing

First remember:

  1. A process is made up of tasks.
  2. A task is made up of steps (dynaform, input/output document).

You can fire a trigger on 3 levels: process, task and step, in the following order.

  1. Step: before loading a dynaform or after submitting a dynaform.
  2. Task: before assigning the user for the next task. After completing all the steps of a task, you get a confirmation showing the next task and who will be assigned to it. This is the same as after submitting a form if you have only one form in a given task.
  3. Process: before or after derivation of the case to the next task. Perfect if after a task you fire a trigger to insert/update some date on your external Oracle/SQL Server database. Executed after you press the confirmation button to go to the next task. It’s a not return point.



Trigger Examples



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