Recover SQL Server sa password

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You may have forgotten “sa” password, you never got it, the provider didn’t give it to you, whatever.

But, You have Administrator privileges on Windows.

The steps are the following:

  1. Go to SQL Server Configuration Manager.
  2. Select SQL Server and STOP the service.
  3. Right click on it, go to Properties.
  4. On “Startup parameters”, add the following at the beginning “-m;”
  5. Start SQL Server service.
  6. Now, you’re on Single User Mode.
  7. Open a Command window (on Win7 make sure to Run as Administrator)
  8. Type “SQLCMD” and hi ENTER.
  9. Now you’re logged on SQL Server in Single User Mode, without any password.
  10. Type: “CREATE LOGIN mynewuser WITH PASSWORD = ‘mynewpassword′;”
  11. Type: “GO;”
  12. Type: “sp_addsrvrolemember ‘mynewuser’, ‘sysadmin’;”
  13. Type: “GO;”
  14. Stop SQL Server service.
  15. Right click it, go to Properties.
  16. On “Startup parameters”, remove the following from the beginning “-m;”
  17. Start SQL Server service.
  18. Open SQL Server Management Studio, login as “mynewuser” user.
  19. Go to Security, Logins, and change “sa” user password.


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