Get Oracle database tables columns

You can use the following system tables to get metadata about your database. Take this query, for example, which I run using Oracle SQL Developer:

SELECT t.table_name, c.column_name,c.data_type,c.char_used,c.data_precision, c.data_scale, c.owner
FROM all_tables t , all_tab_columns c
AND t.OWNER      = c.OWNER
AND t.OWNER      = 'db_username'

Query above returns table name, column name, column data type, column data type unit, column precision and scale (for numbers) and schema owner.

For more information, you can query the DICTIONARY and DICT_COLUMNS views to check what each column means.

SELECT table_name, comments FROM dictionary ORDER BY table_name;

SELECT column_name, comments FROM dict_columns WHERE table_name='ALL_TABLES';


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