Powershell: compress files using 7-Zip

This post shows you how to compress a set of files (*.bak) in a directory, using a Powershell script and 7-Zip.

Later, delete the original files and leave only the compressed ones.

Save the script with “.ps1” extension and fire it from a Powershell command line, from a “.bat” file or set it as a Windows scheduled task.

$bkdir = "E:\BackupsPWS"
$7Zip = 'C:\"Program Files"\7-Zip\7z.exe'
get-childitem -path $bkdir | Sort-Object length |
where { $_.extension -match ".(bak)" -and
-not (test-path ($_.fullname -replace "(bak)", "7z")) } |
foreach {
$zipfilename = ($_.fullname -replace "bak", "7z")
Invoke-Expression "$7Zip a $zipfilename $($_.FullName)"
get-childitem -path $bkdir |
where { $_.extension -match ".(bak)" -and
(test-path ($_.fullname -replace "(bak)", "7z")) } |
foreach { del $_.fullname }


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